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1st Inaugural 3-Day Primal Diet Conference

July 19 @ 10:00 am - July 21 @ 7:30 pm


How This All Started

The Primal Diet community was started in 1993 by Aajonus Vonderplanitz after his experience with curing his cancer and other diseases with a diet of raw animal meats and fats.

Now, 30-years later, many of Aajonus’ students and clients have come together to testify about the health benefits and share their experiences on the Primal Diet.

What to Expect at the Conference

You’ll meet other Primal Dieters and hear about other’s experiences.

Whether you are a veteran or just heard about the diet, this is a great place to ask questions and tap in at your level.

If you do not eat raw meat, and your curious, we have no judgment (We all were there once). We’ll answer your questions and hold your hand as you explore this way of life.

Tour the farm where plenty of grass fed meats are grown and raw dairy produced, and eat some of the healthiest food on the planet.

Just the location is worth the trip. Your experience will be magical.

Come make friends, learn, heal, grow, and celebrate life with other humans who want to live and see the natural path as the best way forward.

Other Options

Sunday we will be doing a few public health consultations. Let us know if you are interested in one of these slots.

We will be taking iris photos for anyone who wants them. We will not be doing iridiology readings, but you can have photos taken to compare to past photos or to archive as baselines until next years conference.

We will be video taping the conference. If you can’t attend or if you would just like a copy, we will have them available for sale after the conference.

Other Things We Are Doing Outside of the Conference:

  • Go to our website to read about our Mission, Testimonies, Coaching Bios, Blogs, and Events to inspire you and find support as you begin your Primal
    Diet Journey.
  • Take our basic classes to understand the diet, dispel the myths, and to learn how to make the transition into a Primal Diet Lifestyle.
  • Take our advanced classes to learn how to overcome serious health challenges, optimize the diet, and get back on track.
  • Attend our meetups and join our community chat so you can connect with other Primal Dieters in friendship, romance and business
  • Join us at our annual Primal Diet Conference and meet us in person and connect with others.
  • Learn about our plans for our Primal Diet Healing Center/Farm/School for children and adults.
  • Get access to Primal Diet Resources, approved products, foods, and services.
  • Subscribe to PrimalDiet.net, the authority on Aajonus’ works, access his workshops, purchase his books, and support the maintenance of his media
  • Get involved to fundraiser and support farms and food sovereignty projects.

Lodging Options:

$35/person/night; $50/family/night – Tent Camp on the Farm (access to community kitchen, fridge space is limited, and bathroom)

$35/person/night; $50/family/night – Indoor in the Gym – Open gymnasium – bring your bedding and set up your space indoors (access to community kitchen, fridge space is limited, and bathroom)

Food Options:

Eat our Food – All you can eat Raw Dairy, Green Vegetable Juices, and previously frozen Grass Fed meats from our farm. We will be processing a sheep at the conference which we will all be able to feast upon freshly butchered. The kitchen will be open all weekend and meals will be prepared for you if you wish.

Adults – $50/day; Children (4-12) – $25/day

All you can eat all day – GMO-free, chemical-free, Pastured beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey meats. Meal tickets includes pastured eggs, A2 raw milk, butter, cheese, and juicing vegetables. We will have a small variety of condiments and fruits. Juicers and blenders are available. And, if you have extras of any of this to add to the feast please bring it especially anything from your farm, items in season, or unique.

Bring some of your favorite recipes and if you want to help our Primal Chefs, with any preparations we would love your creative Primal Diet Prepping ideas.

Cooked Food – We welcome folks who still eat cooked food or have partners, children, or friends that are curious about the diet and haven’t made the leap yet. PLEASE JOIN US!!! Cooking appliances and cookware are available and we will make you feel at home cooking while the majority are eating raw and discussing the health benefits. We want you to feel comfortable as you learn about the Primal Diet and our community.

Directions and Transportation:

Flying: The best airports are 2-3 hour drive to the conference. Contact us for details.

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED to attend.

Other Information

Children and Safety: This is a working farm in a part-modern part-early 1900’s farming community. Be prepared for lots of open sun, wind, wild streams, cattle trailers, motorcycles, farm animals, bees, snakes, ticks, mosquitoes, coyotes, livestock guardian dogs, horses, and buggies. Because we are at 3500 feet elevation, the bugs aren’t as bad as other wild areas, but we still have a few. Also, because of the elevation, it’s cooler and windier than other areas. Bring long sleeves, long pants, sweater for the evenings. Bring a hat and raincoat for the the sun and weather on the farm tour. We are not responsible for watching your kids or for their safety. This is a kid friendly event. Any alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping, pets, nudity, or immature behavior will be evicted with NO refund.

Rain and Refunds: The classes are indoors. The conference will continue in inclement weather. Absolutely NO Refunds. Any alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping pets, nudity, or immature behavior will be evicted with NO refund.

Community Signal Chat: We can connect you up to our Primal Diet Conference Community Chat. This is a good place to ask questions, look for ride-shares, and connect with attendees before and after the conference.

Payment Options: We take Cash, check or credit card. No paypal, Venmo, or Bitcoin.

Conference Fees:

3 days $250/adult
2 days $195/adult
1 day $125/adult

*Note conference fees are per adults only. Children admission is free for the conference, food and lodging fees are applicable for all members of your party.

We look forward to having you in our Primal Diet Community.

It’s time to start experiencing the optimal health you rightly deserve.

Phoenix and the Primal Diet Coaches

Eat Fat and Be Happy!

July 19 @ 10:00 am July 21 @ 7:30 pm

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